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Rastra Blocks

Rastra is an insulating concrete form (ICF) used to make walls for buildings. Its main components are concrete and thastyron which  is

a mixture of plastic foam and binder which are subsequently molded into blocks. The main components of rastra are cement, water and expanded polystyrene.

Rastra blocks come in different sizes, and can be easily cut with woodworking tools to form the desired shape. These blocks are commonly attached together with clamps or glue to form a grid-like system. Rebar is then used to reinforce the blocks and the grid is filled with concrete.

Rastra has important environmental considerations in that up to it contains up to 80% postconsumer and postindustrial plastic. The products low weight reduces transportation pollutants.

Rastra has many advantages that include:

  • Reduction in noise.
  • Fire resistance
  • Rodent proof
  • Termite proof

If you’re ready to explore how Rastra can be used in constructing or remodeling your home call Hayes Construction today (520) 297-9643.

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