Contractors Make Life Easier for Home Owners

Imagine that you pull up to the job site of your brand new home that you are building for yourself and you see that the framers were finishing up an arch that bisects your living room. You have called the bank to inspect the progress of the project and they will be here tomorrow to approve a draw on your loan to pay the subcontractors to date. The only things they require are the city’s inspection on intermediates (framing, plumbing, hvac, electric) and a quick walk through to verify the project is being built as described.

Seeing the framers not quite done with the arch, you begin to stress! You walk over to them and ask if you can help. They tell you the radius of the arch is 8 feet and it has a depth of 28 inches. They can’t quite wrap their minds around how to make the arch work. Expecting the bank inspector tomorrow you dive into the arch and are able to figure out how the arch will have to be made to fit! Feeling accomplished you head back to your home for the night.

At home you begin getting the paper work in order for the bank inspector and you realize you forgot to order the inspection by the city! You hastily call the bank to reschedule the inspection but they can’t reschedule for another week and a half. You try and sleep but can’t knowing that your sub contractors are expecting checks tomorrow on the work they completed two weeks ago.

This is all stress that you don’t need to burden yourself with. Hayes Construction, Inc. can be there to make sure everything goes as planned. We have more than 25 years of experience in building homes, additions and remodels to help us navigate the sometimes confusing task of building a house. If you are thinking about taking on a large remodel, addition or home project by yourself, please call (520) 297-9643 or email us for some information on how to make the process a lot less stressful!

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