Get $2,000 To Help Save A Resource… Why Not?

Metal Culvert rainwater harvesting cistern

This is a rainwater harvesting cistern.

What a waste! You see the storm clouds rolling in for another thunderous monsoon downpour and you are excited that your plants are going to get some much needed water. To your disappointment though, as quick as the rains came, the water has washed away. From the sky, to your roof, to the ground, and off to the washes. There must be something we can do!

The City of Tucson is hosting a water harvesting workshop for City of Tucson water customers. This workshop teaches you about the principals of water harvesting and ways you can implement a water harvesting program on your property. Better yet, It qualifies and teaches you about the great incentive program that offers up to $2,000 back to you when you install a water harvesting system (half the cost of the system for systems up to $4,000).

I went to the workshop and learned a lot about the best practices for a long lasting reliable system. If you are interested in this program give us a call (520) 975-4504 or (520) 297-9643  and we can talk to you about it to see if it’s right for you. We can also design and install these systems for you to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck! Be sure to like and share this blog so your friends can take advantage of this excellent opportunity!

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